Ace Jamerson (They/Them) is an enby, queer author who grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been writing most of their life, from truly cringy teenage poetry and an essay on censorship, to punk songs and various beginnings of novels. They love hockey, hoodies, trying different foods, being near vast bodies of water on super windy days, black cats (and all animals really—except mosquitos, they can go to hell), and autumn weather. They will not usually admit to having a favorite anything because that type of commitment is terrifying. However, in their heart of hearts, all Ace really wants is to have and to be a favorite person.

Their debut novel, A FIRECRACKER WISH, was published on March 17th, 2023!

You can find Ace on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok by clicking the logos below, or visit the A FIRECRACKER WISH official merchandise store!

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