A Firecracker Wish

As patients in a mental hospital, Drew’s and Artie’s meeting is anything but cute. The way that shy Artie approaches Drew over their shared love of art is. The instant connection between the two during the course of their stay in the hospital deepens as they share their fears, interests, and dreams. When Drew’s family disowns them and severs all ties, their time in the hospital is cut short, and they’re forced to leave Artie behind. Together, the two make a plan for what comes once they’re both released. Drew and Artie make it all the way to New York City to chase their dreams of school, careers in art, healing, and managing their own mental health issues. With the help of a compassionate psychiatrist, Artie’s parents, an art supply store owner, and a cast of characters they meet along the way, Drew and Artie lock eyes firmly with their future. But will that future push the two of them together? And if so, for how long? Are some wishes destined to go ungranted?

A FIRECRACKER WISH is an 88k word LGBTQIA slow-burn hurt/comfort New Adult Romance.

Ace Jamerson would like their readers to know that this book has the following TW/CWs:

Mental Health Issues
Suicide Attempt/Ideation (non-graphic)
Eating Disorder/Anorexia
Emotional Family Trauma
Homophobic Language

Now available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon!

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