Mugshots – August 19th, 2022

The story behind Peace Coffee in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, is extensive and filled with too many amazing facts to list in this short Mugshot. For the full story, I suggest you visit their website and read up on their history and mission. To summarize, at this Fair Trade, Organic roastery, the farmers are of the utmost importance, as is pedaling (they have bike deliveries in the Twin Cities!) a sustainable, tasty brew. 

I tried the Guatemala Single Origin, a super smooth dark roast with notes of chocolate on the finish. It was as soothing as it was refreshing for an early morning cup of coffee, and the aromas of toasted almonds and caramelized sugar were tantalizingly sweet. Next on my list of Peace Coffee to try is their Tree Hugger blend. It’s touted as ‘Nutty and Adventurous’, so of course, I’m curious AF.

I enjoyed this coffee in my Zero Fox Given mug, which was a gift from a (now deceased) fellow writer and good friend, Caelum Silvaticus. They were a fellow coffee lover and such a wonderful writer; it’s tragic that their book will never be published. I was fortunate enough to have had snippets read to me over the phone, and thoroughly enjoyed the macabre nature of their imagination. Rest in Peace, friend.