Mugshots – August 5th, 2022

Drew and Artie share a lot of my musical tastes, and I mention artists such as Elliott Smith and My Chemical Romance in A FIRECRACKER WISH. However, I don’t mention Green Day, even though I’ve been a fan of them since almost the beginning. I’m not sure why I didn’t, other than it didn’t seem to fit into Drew and Artie’s story. But since I am a fan, it should be no surprise that I also love Oakland Coffee – started by Billie, Mike, and Tré themselves. 

(Random side note: The Green Day song, ‘She’ is the first complete song I learned to play on the bass guitar.)

Cue our featured coffee for this Mugshot: Father of All…Dark Roasts. As you know, I’m a lover of dark roasts; the darker the better. I was not disappointed. This organic, smooth, extremely dark and rich brew truly did ‘kick my ass and soothe my soul,’ just as they promised it would. Hats off to Billie for creating this roast. It is definitely a standard in my coffee cabinet crew!

Get it here!

As for my mug, this is a classic (in my mind anyway), and really a key component of my personality. Yeah, sometimes the best decisions aren’t always made, but YOLO and all that, right? There are so many variations of this mug available, but I chose the one with cats because they are the kings of naughty decisions, or at least mine is.