Mugshots – December 23rd, 2022

Holidays on the beach? Why not? I’m usually the explore ancient ruins type of vacationer, but Paradise Pie seasonal coffee by Bones Coffee transported me right to a Key West beach, and I’m into it! Relax in your beach chair, watch the waves roll over the sand, and sip this interesting, mildly citrusy, medium roast slowly—as it was intended. I always say I love Key Lime so much, I’ll try anything Key Lime, and this coffee exceeded any expectations. Since it is seasonal, you might not be able to get it right now, but you can visit here to see what else Bones offers, and sign up to get notified when Paradise Pie is available again.

Paired with my ‘Fuck’ mug, how can you go wrong? Sometimes you just have to say “Fuck Everything” and do your own thing. Enough said.

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!