Mugshots – July 22nd, 2022

I have a black cat I named after Artie in A FIRECRACKER WISH. Drew and Artie have a black cat named Frank, who has the same demonic—yet hilarious—personality as my Artie. Coincidence? Absolutely not. Frank pulls some of the same pranks as Artie, like hanging off the bathroom doorknob or letting himself into kitchen cabinets. Even racing around their apartment howling at nothing and knocking stuff over. Might sound slightly annoying, but it’s why I love my Arthur Finn or “Artie Party” or “Dusty Potty Face.” He has many nicknames, as you can tell. 

Check out this mug I found, not only with a sweet black kitteh, but also an enby moon. I was simply meant to have it. Etsy is where it’s at–you can find it here.

Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker-owned coffee roaster located in Madison, Wisconsin (shout out to my hometown!) and is a purveyor of fair trade, organic coffee. They focus on environmental stability, human dignity, and transparency throughout their process. I love many of their roasts and keep them on hand, but their WTF Roast has the center stage for this post. This smoky dark roast has hints of chocolate and hazelnut, and a finish that will leave you wanting more of that Black Cat Magic. I spy with my little eye a black kitty on the package too! 

Check out Just Coffee Cooperative and their WTF Roast here!