Mugshots – July 8th, 2022

It’s an amazing day, y’all! My Publishing Sib™, Chase Connor, released a new book today! It’s titled The Warmth of Our Closest Star, and having been fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy, I can confirm it’s fucking brilliant! It’s undoubtedly a book that will stick with me a long time—probably forever—as it’s beautifully written with engaging characters, exquisite descriptions, and emotions galore. And tons of food references…it makes me wish he’d write a cookbook someday, too. Learn more about this new release here and get your own copy!

This huge beaut of a mug is my FCCMerch mug, and it’s almost as big as my head. It holds my large coffee needs AND makes me snort with laughter thinking about why it says “FCC.” I won’t spill the (coffee) beans on that though; you’ll have to ask Chase himself to explain.

Thieves’ Cant by Found Familiar Coffee, which is dedicated to fostering creativity and support within the tabletop RPG community, is my chosen brew right now. The secret blend of toasted almonds, toffee, and black cherry simply floats on your tongue as you sip. It’s medium-bodied magic at its finest. Chase first told me about this blend a few years ago, and I’ve kept it as part of my coffee cabinet crew ever since. Find it here along with other fun coffees to try!