Mugshots – June 10th, 2022

It’s more than likely not a secret that I’m a huge hockey fan, and Artie is too. In fact, Artie turns Drew into a hockey fan in A Firecracker Wish, because, why not? While Artie’s team is the New York Islanders, my team is the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers had a not-so-great season this year, but that didn’t stop me from traveling to Philly in January to take in a game. Unfortunately, the game was postponed due to COVID-19 protocols, and the only look I got at the Wells Fargo Center was in the Lyft on the way to the airport. But I was still able to take in the historical sights and popped into a shop to pick up some coffee and this Great Orange Gritty mug. It makes me laugh every time I drink from it. Also, the legend behind the Gritty mascot is pretty funny, check it out here:

What I’m drinking:

Stumptown Holler Mountain – while not roasted in Pennsylvania, it is roasted in nearby New York. This is another medium roast that just does it for me, with its notes of mild citrus and caramel. Immense satisfaction in every sip. Stumptown Roasters not only has a people-first business culture, but they also actively work to be sustainable in their roasteries, cafes, and breweries with a zero-manufacturing waste goal by 2025. I, for one, am happy to support that!