Mugshots – June 24th, 2022

Happy Pride Month ya’ll! Yep, it’s still June, even if we may be burned out by all the strategic corporate rainbows flying this month. A reminder to curate where you get your Pride Merch—enough said. 🙂 I’m proud to be out (finally!) and identify as enby/demi/pan and wrote Drew in A Firecracker Wish as the same. While I have several Pride-themed coffee mugs, this is the one I’ll highlight in this post. Because YOU and I are brave, bold, fierce, determined, and LOVED, as well as all the rest. Always be you in all your wonderfulness!

What I’m drinking this month: The Gay Agenda from Grinding Coffee Co., which is a Black, LGBTQ+, women-led online coffee shop. Another medium roast I am quite partial to, The Gay Agenda is an organic roast that blends notes of caramel, honey, and fruit into a satisfying, sigh-inducing cup of brew. Find it and other fine blends here:

Also, if you’re wondering where the sweet, life-affirming mug came from, check out HRC (Human Rights Campaign) here: