Mugshots – March 19th, 2022

Welcome to the very first post of Ace’s Mugshots, where I’ll discuss anything from my coffee mug collection, what kind of coffee I’m currently raving about, or I might mention Artie, my floof of mischief, and perhaps even writing or my book. Here is the Mugshot of the mug that started my coffee mug obsession. The words are lyrics from one of my favorite local Madison bands, Damsel Trash. This song is called, “You’re Fucking Awesome” and it’s a bluesy punk song all about the nuances of modern friendship. Here, give the song a listen while I tell you the story behind acquiring this mug. 

Picture this: bitter, cold winter of 2017, raging punk show at The Frequency in Madison. I’m talking drums of thunder, screaming guitars, sweaty bodies everywhere, mosh pit, the works. I bought this mug at the merch table before the start of the show and danced, screamed, and bounced around the whole night. The show was fucking epic and the mug survived! Even more epic is that it inspired my ‘naughty’ mug collection. What did you think of Damsel Trash?

What I’m drinking this week:

Dark Sky Roast by Kick Ash Products, based in Ellison Bay WI. I found this last summer on a weekend trip to Door County, and have loved and craved it ever since. Dark and smokey with a super smooth finish, I think it’s perfect for every day. And all profits from this roast benefit Newport State Park Friends Group – one of my favorite state parks. You can buy a bag of Dark Sky Roast by Kick Ash Products (and support Newport State Park Friends Group) by clicking on either of the links.

Be sure to leave a comment about what you thought of Damsel Trash, or if you’ve tried Dark Sky Roast, what you think of it!

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