Mugshots – April 29th, 2022

I came across Sip of Hope on social media a while ago, and was immediately drawn in by their message: ‘It’s ok to not be ok.’ It really hit home for me because I’ve struggled with this same issue for a long time. I’m not a morose person by any means, but also not into false positivity. Life is real. Sometimes it just sucks; real feelings burst out and need to be handled as best as we can. Drew and Artie (from A FIRECRACKER WISH) are both well versed in this also. They’ve learned to manage their mental illness struggles, and I have, too. Also, I love the fact that 100% of Sip of Hope proceeds support proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. This is a win/win/win in my book. Plus the mug is sweetly understated and fits in any decor.

So far Hoodie Weather is my favorite Sip of Hope blend because, well, it seemed meant to be. Plus it’s a mellow roast with a feel-good finish. I don’t drink a lot of medium roasts, but this one hits the spot every time. Unfortunately, Hoodie Weather is a seasonal roast, so I’m trying to stretch my supply because I will most certainly miss it until next winter. However, if the Sip of Hope message speaks to you, please check out their other roasts and try one. You won’t be disappointed.

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