Mugshots – May 13th, 2022

Becoming an author is a lot more difficult than I personally led myself to believe—the querying is brutal! Not to mention writing a synopsis! We’re talking the seventh level of hell here. So, I’m honoring my publisher, The Lion Fish Press with this post and with my author mug I bought after being signed on to publish A FIRECRACKER WISH. Basically, this was my thought when I (electronically) signed that dotted line and started this chaotic yet fun publishing journey—Look at Me Becoming an Author and Shit. It’s hard work going through the publishing process, but I wouldn’t change a thing, and will forever be grateful to TLFP for taking a chance on me and my book. I use this mug whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious to remind myself that I might actually have my shit together. Sometimes, anyway.

What I’m drinking:

The Lion Fish Press gifted me this Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters dark roast for the holidays, and I’m so thankful they did! The Victor Prosper’s Dark Roast is a savory, yet mellow, blend of dark chocolate and toasted caramel, and super satisfying. It’s like they know me or something! I had never tried coffee roasted in Texas, but now I have, and I’m into it! I might even try other blends when this one is gone.

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