Mugshots – May 27th, 2022

One thing out of the handful of things I like about myself is my ability to be open-minded, diplomatic, and I attempt to see all angles of a situation. However, I still do what I want in some way, shape, or form pretty much all the time. I tried to bleed at least part of this characteristic into Drew in A FIRECRACKER WISH as well, and I think they turned out all right. The snarky, sweary raccoon gracing this mug is just a cute, added bonus!

Black & Bold makes some pretty special coffees, but I was unsure if I would like this one. I mean, Lemon and Bell Pepper? Sure, I like both, but in a coffee?!? Do not fear, this tart, melodic blend is as unique as the company itself. Not only does Black & Bold roast superior coffee, but they also “pledge 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness.” This is a cause I am ecstatic to support, and enjoy keeping this blend as part of my CCC (Coffee Cabinet Crew)!

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