Mugshots – November 11th, 2022

My Publishing Sib™, Chase Connor, introduced me to Copper Moon Coffee —a family roastery in Lafayette, Indiana—suggesting I try the Southern Pecan flavored blend, which was pretty amazing. But, that’s not the Copper Moon roast I tried for this post. I went dark and purchased their Dark Sky. Why? Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, I like my coffee like I like my humor: extra dark and sexy. If I could somehow share with you the aroma that Dark Sky made while brewing, it would make all your coffee fantasies come true. Rich, strong, and smokey. And the flavor? It blew me away. Cup after cup, Dark Sky is a dark roast lover’s sweet dream, with notes of charred nuts and smoked cocoa, while also a bit fruity. You can get it here, along with the Southern Pecan that began my obsession with Copper Moon Coffee.

I paired Dark Sky with my New York City mug because I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition, since NYC is rarely, if ever, dark. I picked up this mug on my trip there in April, along with taking a bunch of random photos to depict Drew and Artie’s New York City life. A Firecracker Wish is coming out in early 2023!

**Please note I’ll be taking a week off and there will be no Mugshot post on November 25th. Watch for the next one on December 9th.