Mugshots – October 28th, 2022

Not gonna lie, this coffee will make you poop. Like real quick. If that’s your thing, or it sounds like a challenge you’d like to conquer, check out Big Rig Roast from Truck Stop Organics. It’s a super dark smokey roast. Just how I like it. I found mine at an international grocery store near me, but you can find it here. The name, packaging, the fact it’s organic, and the promise of a smokey dark roast reminiscent of gas station coffee all drew me in, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a wonderful cup of coffee, to be sure! Just be prepared, and don’t come at me for not warning you about the poop.

Write the Fucking Book has been my mantra for a long time, and I did it! A FIRECRACKER WISH will be out in early 2023. If you need the same reminder, or if you just like profanity on your coffee mugs and other paraphernalia, you can find it on Redbubble, designed by Matthew Cesca, a fellow author.