Mugshots – September 16th, 2022

By the very definition of the word Anodyne: “capable of soothing or eliminating pain, relaxing, source of soothing comfort,” you already know what you’ll get by drinking a cup of Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company coffee. And this locally owned, small-batch roaster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, doesn’t disappoint. I first tried a cup of their coffee in their Bay View Cafe several years ago when I was meeting a local writing group. I forget what roast I tried then, but this time, I sampled their Organic Milwaukee Rockstar Blend. This lightly acidic, almost dark roast, is smooth and enticing. Smokey with a bit of fudge, toffee, and roasted nuts, it starts my morning off right, and I’m ready to rock! Try the Milwaukee Rockstar Blend here, or any of their other sure-to-be wonderful roasts, I know I will!

One of my new favorite mugs is featured in this Mugshot, and it is the All Butts are Good mug from my very own Publishing Sib™, Chase Connor’s merch shop. Chase not only handmakes cross-stitch masterpieces (of which I am the proud owner of two), but he also incorporated that style into this Pansexual-themed coffee mug, which I adore. You can find this mug here, along with other sweet and sassy Chase Connor merch.