Mugshots – September 30th, 2022

Guess what? Today is Artie O’Malley’s birthday and we’re going to celebrate in Artie style! September 30th used to be a shit day for me, but not now. September 30, 2021, is the day I signed the book publishing contract for A FIRECRACKER WISH, and I made it Artie’s birthday in the book, too. Double awesomeness to overcome the day it was for me in the past. It’s also the (un)official start of Spooky Times™, so who could ask for more?

Neither Drew, Artie, nor I, are PSL fans, but we all like Autumn-flavored coffees. I pulled out one of my favorites to help celebrate Artie’s special day, Salted Caramel from Bones Coffee Company. This smooth medium roast coffee has a slightly sweet caramel taste and is perfect for those who like flavored coffee—without adding flavored creamer—but don’t want to be overwhelmed. It’s always a great coffee choice, but especially heading into the cooler weather time of the year. Find it here along with other mouthwatering coffees from Bones Coffee Co.

I paired it with my black cat mug, because it’s Spooky Season, and I love black cats, specifically my Artie and also Frank, who portrays my Artie and a lot of his antics in A FIRECRACKER WISH. Can’t wait to share that with you! Coming in early 2023.